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Published on November 5th, 2013 | by Marcus Steele


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Can’t pay your payday loans has been set up to fight back these legal loan sharks and to stop the fees, charges, interest and the harassing calls and emails to you in 24hrs. No matter how desperate your situation is and if you can’t pay QuickQuid Login we can always help.

With the recession, multiple dips in the economy and banks no longer lending, payday loans are often the only option for easily obtained credit. Halfway through the month, bills to pay, mouths to feed, partners birthday Saturday and only £2.50 in your account on Friday. Payday loans offer a tempting solution for these financial difficulties. When you have no money and I mean nothing, friends, parents and banks have all been exhausted. Perhaps partners and parents don’t actually realise your skint, if payday loans stops another argument about money, its an easy decision, until you can’t pay QuickQuid Login

Anyone has the right to choose to apply for payday loans or not, however, what happens afterwards is where it frequently and all too often turns nasty especially once you can’t pay QuickQuid Login


Can’t pay QuickQuid Login, now what?


So now you have some payday loans, usually at this point something goes wrong, you are probably already in debt with other companies. Hours being cut at work, losing your job, not being paid on time or another big financial bill arriving, requiring a further loan, situations we hear all the time. So you attempt to contact the payday loans and explain. They don’t care. Your in trouble. You don’t have money to last the next day, let alone week. Now if you have multiple debts and at this point would really just like a credible and easy way, to pay one small amount monthly, that covers all your debt, the only company I would recommend, which is free to set up and no hidden fees is THIS ONE. You can’t pay QuickQuid Login

Payday Loans don’t make their profits by you paying on time. When you default is when they smile. 1000% apr, added charges, added interest, default charges and on top of that, bank charges, as debiting your bank when there is nothing in there. We hear stories of a simple £100 payday loan adding up to £1000 in a short space of time, leaving people in an endless cycle of debt.

What now?

You tried to call, sometimes not even a contact number can be found on the payday loans site. You email, you get no response, or it is automated. You sent an email so now take a sigh of relief and wait for response as your loan is due in 3 days and guess what, no reply and the payday loans take all your money. Unless your bankrupt or your house has burnt down, they don’t care, pay!

If lucky, you speak to a telesales person who has no authority, explaining you can’t pay QuickQuid Login, you have £120 to last 3 days and is it possible that in 2 weeks time you pay an arranged amount, which they agree to. Two days later, its lunchtime, you go to a cash machine with a large queue and your account has been drained from 7 small transactions.They took it all anyway. You have 30mins left until end of lunch break, calling them up furious, your put on hold for 20mins and their response is to inform you how much more you owe and when are you going to pay!

You can’t pay QuickQuid Login, Help me today please

We can help, we’ve been there, we’ve taken two payday loan companies to court, we know the legislation and guidelines not commonly known that can be used to fight them and have helped 100′s in your position and worse.

Here are some FREE Templates for you, they can stop all calls to your work and home/mobile. You can also send off the CCA request to your lenders, which will check to see if they actual have a license to operate. As well as the, prove I owe the debt letter, if you think you have been charged too much.

Stopping the interest, the calls to work/home, the ridiculas default charges, the fake debt collection agencies the payday loans threaten will come round and take all your belongings, it is about putting you back in control, we will gladly help anyone in need and in a position where they feel there is no where to turn to. You can’t pay QuickQuid Login .

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