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Published on August 7th, 2013 | by Marcus Steele


Can’t pay Sunny Loan, don’t pay them and avoid getting in debt

If you can’t pay Sunny Loan, then don’t bother. Sunny Loan is a complete change from the company it was before, 1 Month Loan. As mentioned in other posts a lot of the original lenders have decide a complete re-branding and new website was the only answer to all the bad press. Miss a payment though and you will get just a harsh response to pay them back.

Can’t pay your payday loans has been set up to fight back these legal loan sharks and to stop the fees, charges, interest and the harassing calls and emails to you in 24hrs. We understand how debilitating being caught in a debt spiral can be for you and we will do our best to help any situation.

With the recession, multiple dips in the economy and banks no longer lending, payday loans are often the only option for easily obtained credit.Usually we end up in trouble towards the middle of the month after all the bills have been paid and some food bought for the week. There are few things as depressing as knowing all you have is £3.50 in your account and its 2 weeks until payday. The payday loan companies realise this and it gave birth to the money in your account in less than 30mins. When you have nothing, £100 can seem like £1000, but of course this is where the debt spiral begins.

The problems often begin when paying your Sunny Loan, becomes hard and would again leave you with little money or none.

Now you can’t pay Sunny Payday Loan

Payday Loans don’t make their profits by you paying on time. When you default is when they smile. 1000% apr, added charges, added interest, default charges and on top of that, bank charges, as debiting your bank when there is nothing in there. We hear stories of a simple £100 payday loan adding up to £1000 in a short space of time, leaving people in an endless cycle of debt.

The first course of action would be calling the payday loan company and speaking to someone explaining your predicament. Finding a telephone number that is not a machine is quite often a mission in itself. You can’t just say Ive spent my money so can’t pay you back as many times they may offer a rollover, which although saves you one month paying them back, it simply adds on interest and charges for doing so, sometimes doubling the amount you owe.

Sunny Payday Loan debt, what to do next

If you are in debt with Sunny Loan or maybe a lot of other payday loan companies, then you need to stop all the charges, interest now. If a get out of debt button is all your after, then there is a company that I have thoroughly vetted that can do this for you by the end of the day. They contact them on your behalf and stop everything, informing you by email all the way. They hate Payday loan companies as much as me, any way check them out here

First of all we need to stop the phone calls and annoying texts from Sunny Loan you will no doubt have at this time owing money to them. Use the free template section and simply copy and paste the ,’stop phone calls template’, this will halt the phone calls and give you some peace. Secondly do not worry about debt collection letters suddenly being posted to your house as this are often the payday loan companies themselves and these companies are simply in house fake agencies. Always correspond to these companies in writing as you can prove you have contacted them and by using recorded delivery can prove they have received them. You have to deal with the companies rather than leave it and bury your head into the sand.

If you have any questions regarding a Sunny Loan debt, that you can’t find the answer to here, then please use the form and i will do my best to answer them



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